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Course Taught


  • 2016                UNISG – University Gastronomic Sciences- Pollenzo – Documentary sessional (since2015)

  • 2015                CHAMPLAIN REGIONAL COLLEGE – Animation and Film-making lecturer – developer of   Flipped-class and distance learning strategy (sample material @   (since 2014)

  • 2015                CVM Cégep College VieuxMontréal – Dessin Animé – sessional teacher (since 2014) – Course Prise de Vue (CINEMATOGRAPHY), Animation en volume (STOP MOTION ANIMATION)

  • 2014                CSC Scuola Cinema - Lecturer Screenwriting for animation writing & producing; Diploma Final Short-film Tutor Scuola Nazionale del Cinema ANIMAZIONE, Chieri (since 2008)

  • 2014               BFC – BurundiFilmCentre, Animation and Film-making lecturer (since 2012)

  • 2013                Red Deer College - Lecturer Intro to Animation RDC – (since 2010)

  • 2012                University of Turin Lecturer, Multidams, interactive cinema and multiple   platform

                                          Lecturer Animation workshop, festival Abitibi, QC

                                          Lecturer Steadicam aesthetics and technique, Multicultural Centre Kitchener ON

  • 2011                University of Turin Associate Professor Lecturer, Screenwriting Program, TV series         course - park  (since 2004)

  • 2006                IFTS DAMS University of Turin, Lecturer, screenwriting (since 2005)

  • 2003                Guest lecturer, Simon Fraser University (Prof. J. Tammuz), Italian Cinema

                                          Lecturer, Screenwriting Course Lecturer,  Corep Screenwriting Masters, Turin

  • 2002                Soccer and Basketball Junior Team Coach (since 1990)



  • Film Director/ Director TV-series– Discovery CanalD Fox

  • TV Producer and Director: documentary – docudrama – live sport - fiction

  • Film Director

  • Animator 2D – proficiency ToonBoom Harmony and AnimatePro

  • Animator 3D – proficiency Maya: animation, lighting, rendering

  • Animator 3D – experience with Unity – Softimage – Blender

  • Italian Language, Culture and Literature professor

  • Proficiency NUKE, MAYA, TV PAINT

  • Creative writer & Copy radio and web – sport/entertainment/ European politics

  • Editor - Proficiency Final Cut Pro and FCX, Avid, Blender, Storyboard- Toonboom

  • Computer proficiency Office, Adobe, MovieMagic, FrameForge

  • Film and Photograph restoration expert (graduated Cineteca di Bologna – FIAF)

  • Teacher and Lecturer Competence Approach-socioconstructivisme – curriculum programs built accordingly to competences

  • Screenwriter: fiction, documentary and Video-Game design.

  • Camera-Op/cinematographer (IATSEE), camera35mm, 8K/4K (Alexa, Red), TV-production: Canon-Sony- Philips-Thompson, DSRL, cameras 16mm, super8mm (since 1991).

  • 3D Cinematography and Visual FX (NUKE)

  • DSRL filming: documentary, reportage and fiction

  • Lighting and Gaffer Experience- Director of Photography for films and TV

  • Steadicam Operator (ProPaddock, 3A CinemaProducts et Tiffen).

  • Expert Italian and European Art, Design and Architecture (Master of Arts)

  • Journalist and Reporter – expert in Italian affairs, Italian history, organized Crime, African history and politics, Argentinean History and Politics, Italian and Latin American soccer/football

  • Fluent in French, English, Italian and Spanish– Notions of German and Russian.

  • Expert of Food & Wine  - member of Slow Food since 1996.

  • Coach Soccer and Basketball junior teams – (since 1995).





Areas of Teaching Expertise


  1. Cinematography and videography

  2. 3D cinematography and videography

  3. Visual FX (NUKE)

  4. DSRL filming: fiction, documentary, docudrama

  5. Film production and film-making

  6. Italian language, history and culture

  7. Steadicam : use, technique, shot design, choreography and aesthetics

  8. History and Aesthetics of European cinema

  9. History and Aesthetics of Italian cinema

  10. Film Studies – silent era, focus on Soviet cinema and Italian and German cinema

  11. Film Study – Neorealism practices

  12. Stop motion animation

  13. Lighting for animation, documentary and fiction

  14. Docudrama writing and production

  15. Analog film

  16. Analog Film restoration

  17. Art History, focus on Middle Age European Art, Renaissance European Art, Mannerism & Baroque

  18. Working with Actor: Anglo-Saxon/American approach, Russian Approach (Naturalism), working with non professional (Neorealism)

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