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About Carlito

I have been directing, writing, producing for TV a number of shows for Discovery, Fox, CTV, CanalVie, CanalD, CBC, while pursuing my independent productions as well. I have a rather wide palette of experience, ranging from TV productions for American Broadcasts, author-oriented film for European broadcasters, sport coverage, reportages, and last not least independent cinema, live-action and animation.

My working backgrounds and experience in 4 different countries allowed me to manage a variety of situations with relative ease.

 I started off with Documentary and developed my career into Fiction and Animation, both as independent in the author-oriented European industry and as Director for commercial production in North America. I had been quite able to develop and capture stories.

Over the years, moving towards my calling of author film-making and working largely as an independent filmmaker, I learned and almost turned accustomed to producing with limited budgets.

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